Blue-Crowned Conure (Sharp-Tailed Conure)

The blue-crowned conure is actually classic in a lot of ways, however this medium-sized parrot is actually a little quieter and gentler than many of its conure cousins. This eco-friendly bird along with the sky-blue head as well as spiked rear is a gentle, creative, fun animal that may make a fantastic pet dog. This sort of parrot has actually also starred in two motion pictures: “Pauly” and also the film “The Parrots of Telegraph Hill.”

Types Overview
TYPICAL NAMES: Blue-crowned conure, blue-crown conure, blue-hooded conure, blue-capped conure, blue-crowned parakeet, sharp-tailed conure

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Thectocercus acuticaudatus. There are actually 5 subspecies along with differing color mixtures: Thectocercus acuticaudatus acuticaudatus, Thectocercus acuticaudatus haemorrhous, Thectocercus acuticaudatus koenigi, Thectocercus acuticaudatus neoxenus, Thectocercus acuticaudatus neumanni

ADULT SIZE: 14 to 16 ins

LIFE EXPECTANCY: Up to 30 years along with suitable treatment

Beginning and History

Blue-crowned conures are native to South America along with a variation that extends coming from eastern Colombia to north Argentina. Their preferred environment consists of savannah-like meadows, woodlands, as well as woods margins. You will certainly not locate it in thick, humid woodlands.


Blue-crowned conures are understood for being actually intelligent birds filled with spirited electricity. Like all parrots and conures, in particular, the blue-crowned conure needs to have a great deal of psychological excitement and also workout to prevent it coming from ending up being bored and also troubled.

These birds are very loving, social critters. They bond definitely with the manager that treats them effectively as well as gives them the focus they yearn for. Blue-crowned conures hardly attack, which makes all of them an appropriate dog for loved ones with children.

Very trainable, you may show conures to obtain things, reverse, and also surge. The very best tactic for productive training is disregarding poor actions and gratifying politesse with attention as well as manages.

Nonetheless, there is no instruction that will definitely turn this naturally loud bird in to a peaceful one. If enthusiastic or even dismayed, it may scream as well as shriek, which is certainly not an excellent circumstance for house lifestyle. Efforts to chasten the bird when it wails are going to just make it louder.

Speech and also Vocalizations

Blue-crowned conures are actually a little bit quieter than various other conure species, however no conure is actually a silent bird. This species will definitely be pretty raucous in the early morning and night, which can generate issues with close next-door neighbors.

As a whole, conures perform not chat as long as other kinds of parrots. The blue-crowned conure ranks as one of the better conure talkers. They can learning quick expressions and many terms.

Blue-crowned Conure Colors and Markings

Males and also girls equal in shade as well as trend. When birthed, the blue-crowned conure has a reddish scalp. It alters to sky-blue due to the opportunity it gets to maturation. In addition to its own signature parakeet environment-friendly body system and also blue head, blue-crowned conures have reddish pointers on their tail plumes, pink lower legs and feet, horn-colored beaks, and white colored bands around their eyes.

To say to a male in addition to a women, make use of a hereditary examination. The physical difference is hardly recognizable, if in all. Males might have bigger white colored eyepatches than women, and also the feathers of their ceres (more than their nostrils) have a tendency to become a lot longer.

Taking care of the Blue-Crowned Conure

This is not a bird you must plan to leave constrained to a crate all of the amount of time. When in the crazy, the blue-crowned conure is a highly social bird that devotes its opportunity in a flock. In bondage, you will definitely require to serve the functionality of its flock mate.

A blue-crowned conure may be more pleased when it has one more bird as a partner if you are not about a lot throughout the time. When the bird alone in the property, it may likewise be happier if you leave behind a tv or even broadcast playing.

Conures are actually special parrots in that they such as to curl up under factors, including a snugly interweaved clean cloth, a delicate piece of textile, or a small covering. It could also prefer a bird tent as an area to rest.

In bush, conures soak daily. In captivity, they need to have a shower at least regular, and also more frequently possibly. Frequent bath time is going to keep the feathers as well as skin layer healthy and balanced. Wet your bird under a spray mist of warm water; it counts as interaction opportunity with your pet dog.

Common Health Issues

All conures may be vulnerable to plume selecting, which normally develops considering that they are actually receiving not enough interest as well as excitement. Hang around consulting with your bird, learn it techniques or discover to talk, as well as supply a spinning plant of toys to avoid your bird coming from getting bored.

The blue-crowned conure, like its own relatives, is actually additionally prone to a wide array of usual bird health conditions, featuring:

  • Proventricular Dilatation Disease: a condition that may affect the digestive system and also tense device
    Psittacine Beak as well as Feather Disease: an immunological ailment influencing the beak, feathers, nails
  • Psittacosis: a bacterial respiratory system infection
  • Aspergillosis: a fungal respiratory infection

Diet and Nutrition

In bush, blue-crowned conures generally devour a diverse diet regimen of fresh fruit products, veggies, berries, almonds, as well as grains.

Conures in captivity need to have an every bit as assorted diet regimen featuring fresh fruit products, veggie greens, as well as top quality pellets. Pellets must be about 75 percent of their diet regimen. Promotion concerning a 1/4 mug of pellets a time and see just how much your parrot takes in. If important, offer much more. Most conures eat about twenty percent of their body weight. Pet conures nourished a high-fat diet plan of simply almonds and also seeds often have wellness concerns.

Offer clean meals the moment or two times a time. Offer all of them as considerably as they will consume. Early early morning is commonly the very most energetic dish time; these diurnal birds are actually usually hungry after a lengthy night’s rest.

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Blue-crowned conures possess a normally extreme energy amount. Be actually prepared to give your bird at least 3 to 4 hours of monitored opportunity out of the cage each time.

Give it a roomy unit (36-by-36-by-36 inches) and pack it along with toys that it can eat if you will definitely not be discharging the bird from its own its crate a lot. Toys is going to assist your bird get some exercise as well as excitement. If you carry out certainly not give it with chewable playthings, your conure may locate less desirable items to eat, including wires, household furniture, and woodwork around your house.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Blue-crowned Conure

The blue-crowned conure kinds easily in bondage as well as is just one of couple of parrot varieties that is actually relatively easy to locate in animal shops and from breeders. You can easily assume to pay out coming from $1,000 to $2,000,.

To take on, saving, or even get a blue-crowned conure, have a look at these internet resources:.

  • Rescue the Birds.
  • Petfinder.
  • Bird Breeders.

If you’re going the breeder option, inquire how long they have been working as well as reproducing with the types and tour their establishment. When browsing their stock, tries to find indications of general healthiness of the flock. The birds need to be actually sharp and also energetic with good eyes, clean feathers, and complete crops.

The blue-crowned conure is traditional in a lot of methods, yet this medium-sized parrot is a little quieter and also gentler than many of its conure cousins. Blue-crowned conures seldom attack, which creates all of them an appropriate pet dog for family members with little ones.

The blue-crowned conure rates as one of the far better conure talkers. In enhancement to its own trademark parakeet green body system as well as blue head, blue-crowned conures possess reddish ideas on their rear plumes, pink lower legs as well as feet, horn-colored beaks, as well as white rings around their eyes.

The blue-crowned conure is a highly social bird that devotes its own opportunity in a flock when in the crazy.