Cherry-Headed (Red-Masked) Conure

The cherry-headed conure, also known as the red-masked conure, is a medium-sized parrot that is really intelligent as well as loveable as well as known for showing off its own clownish shenanigans. Easy to qualify, the cherry-headed conure is just one of one of the most talkative birds amongst the conure varieties. It additionally usually tends to be a loud bird that isn’t ideal for apartment occupants.

Variety Overview
USUAL NAMES: Cherry-headed conure, red-headed conure, red-masked conure, and red-masked parakeet

TAXONOMIC NAME: Aratinga erythrogenys

GROWNUP SIZE: 11 to thirteen ins

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 50 years or even more

Source as well as History

The cherry-headed conure is actually belonging to South America, where it takes up a fairly narrow variety from southwestern Ecuador to northwestern Peru. This species dwells mostly in forests as well as transient woodlands yet can also do well in semiarid regions and even country areas.

In a number of places, household pet birds released or gotten away from in to bush have established feral breeding populations. The flick “The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill” popularized a group of feral cherry-headed conures in San Francisco. Other savage populaces exist in various other parts of California, Texas, as well as Florida.

The cherry-headed conure is actually an incredibly popular pet; in 1994, it was classified as “near-threatened” for termination by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. This standing is due to its own habitation loss and also trapping by the unlawful family pet field.


Cherry-headed conures are recognized to be intelligent, mirthful birds that prosper on communication with their owners as well as do well along with instruction. These birds may be lively, tender, and also engaging. Cherry-headed conures enjoy being the center of attention as well as will certainly go to wonderful durations to get it.

Like all conures, these are incredibly loud birds that yell intermittently. Even with not being a competent talker, this bird will appeal you with its spirited individual and absurd tricks.

The cherry-headed conure, like most parrots, is a flock-oriented bird with well-developed social instincts. In a captive atmosphere, the individual proprietor represents a flock mate. For a cherry-headed conure to become content, it will definitely need tons of interaction time with its own proprietor. Appropriately hung out pet dog conures enjoy spending quality time with (as well as on) their owners. They take pleasure in finding out methods and various other instruction.

Cherry-headed conures need 2 to 4 hrs of workout and also play with their managers daily. Along with its own focus requires met, you likely will be actually awarded with a active and impressive animal that certainly never appears to run out of electricity as well as guts. A pleased and also healthy and balanced cherry-headed conure is consistently the life of the party.

Speech and also Vocalizations

The cherry-headed is actually one of the very most talkative of the conures. Also a non-talking cherry-headed conure will be actually extremely chatty along with its own innate vocalizations.

This bird is actually not effectively suited for apartment or condo residing or managers troubled through sound; it is prone to extreme howling, specifically at sunup as well as dusk.

Cherry-Headed Conure Colors and Markings

A cherry-headed conure sports dark green plumes over most of its own physical body with an unique dash of red on its skin and head. The birds also sport an additional dash of red on the tops of their wings.

Caring for a Cherry-Headed Conure

The cherry-headed conure should possess a sufficient cage– at a minimal 24-inches through 24-inches lengthy as well as large as well as 36 inches in height. Bars need to be no more than 1 inch apart. Also, deliver a playpen outside the cage where the bird may explore as well as exercise throughout their regular physical exercise time frame.

Be sure to always keep lots of clean drinking water offered, and also transform it frequently. Cherry-headed conures like to wash daily as well as will definitely make use of a shallow water dish in the crate to carry out so. They likewise enjoy being fogged or squirted with room-temperature water as component of the bathing habit. This is actually a suitable time for much-needed communication with their individual manager. Conures succeed in room temperature level settings however maintain all of them away from breezy locations.

Cherry-headed conures call for 10 to 12 hrs of sleeping each night in a darker, silent environment. You might require to deal with the crate during the night to keep out draughts and illumination.

Common Health Problems

Usual health issues that cherry-headed conures can get:

  • Conure bleeding disorder: A condition of unidentified roots that results in unusual and unexpected blood loss. The approved therapy is usually vitamins.
  • Respiratory system problems: Usually dued to fungal diseases (aspergillosis), fungal respiratory system contaminations are actually treatable with antifungal drugs. You may avoid this major complication through certainly never permitting bed linens as well as feed to become musty as well as wet. Some professionals suggest certainly never to supply parrots peanuts, which might hold the fungi.
  • Microbial contaminations: Bacteria may lead to breathing issues as well as overall decrease; these contaminations are treatable with antibiotics. Bacterial diseases may be protected against by always keeping crates and your bird scrupulously well-maintained.
  • Clinical depression: Usually, as a result of overlook by the proprietor, anxiety may create harmful actions and also self-mutilation.

Diet and also Nutrition

Like all parrots, cherry-headed conures perform best on a diet plan being composed of new vegetables and fruits as well as enhanced with a top notch office pelleted diet plan.

You may provide an unrestricted amount of pellet food items; they are going to only eat what they require. As for new fruits as well as veggies, deliver regarding a 1/8 to 1/4 cup in the early morning and at night.

Deal a percentage of seeds as treats. These birds possess a credibility and reputation for getting addicted to fattening seeds like sunflower and also safflower. The moment focused on those seeds, they may reject to consume just about anything else. Over weight birds are prone to a range of health and wellness problems, thus spend very close attention to your conure’s diet.


Cherry-headed conures are energetic birds that demand 2 hours of regular workout at a minimum required– 4 hrs is actually optimal– in a secure, “parrot-proof” backyard outside the cage to remain in best problem.

Equip the bird with numerous toys made to withstand its own vigorous chewing behavior. Often alter the bird’s playthings to keep it mentally boosted. Offer posts in a wide array of distances inside the cage to permit feet exercise.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Cherry-Headed Conure

Cherry-headed conures are actually widely available at pet retail stores as well as from breeders. Still, it is actually always smart to examine adopting organizations and saving organizations to observe if they possess birds readily available for fostering. Some on-line sources that may point you to cherry-headed conures feature:

  • Bird Breeders
  • Birds Now
  • Petfinder

The Beauty of Birds is actually a company that sustains a listing of trusted parrot breeders in the U.S. If taking into consideration a bird dog breeder, ensure you speak with the breeder, consider the overall health and wellness of their birds, check out their residing conditions, and also speak with past consumers.

Signs you should avoid the breeder include confined lifestyle ailments, inactive birds, and also breeders who avoid your concerns or even perform not appear to possess much info on their birds.

The cherry-headed conure, likewise known as the red-masked conure, is a medium-sized parrot that is actually lovable and also quite smart and also recognized for showing off its own clownish antics. Easy to teach, the cherry-headed conure is one of the most talkative birds amongst the conure varieties.

Cherry-headed conures are actually understood to be actually intelligent, fun-loving birds that grow on interaction with their managers and carry out effectively along with instruction. The cherry-headed conure, like many parrots, is actually a flock-oriented bird with well-developed social instincts. Cherry-headed conures need to have 2 to 4 hours of workout and also leisure along with their proprietors each day.